Top 5 Mind-blowing Face and Body Illusion Artists

It’s amazing how art transcends from many platforms. And over the years, it just keeps on getting better and more innovative. While drawing on our own skin is something that’s not entirely new, you may want to rethink that when you get to see these mind-blowing face and body illusions from artists with different style and artistic prowess.


Halloween costumes is something that’s not new to us as Halloween freaks come up with new ways to legitimately give the ultimate frightful look during that special time of the year, some even go as far as paint their bodies and faces. But when you see Nikki Shelley’s creations, you’ll definitely say that she clearly won Halloween over. Nikki Shelley is a mom of three and surprisingly a self-taught face painter from Rugby, England. She masterfully transforms herself into a variety of your worst nightmares incarnate. Check out some of her nightmarish creations! See more on her instagram: nikkithepaintinglady 

2. Hikaru Cho

Now believe me when I say that what you’ll see next are actual paintings painted on flesh and not some cleverly done photoshop work. Hailing from Tokyo, 24 year old artist Hikaru Cho creates trippy mind-blowing images with acrylic paints on actual humans as canvas. She first became an internet sensation back in 2013 under ‘Choo-San’ and since then she continually made waves along with her “hyperreal” body art. One of her most important creations to date is a campaign she ran along with Amnesty International’s global campaign on sexual and reproductive rights. Entitled “My Body My Rights”, her work was a representation of human rights denied across borders.

“You have the right to choose who you love, who you have sex with and what kind of family you want to create, decide if and when to have children, to learn about sex and relationships, have access to healthcare, and to live free from rape and sexual violence. I hope my art can help young people across the world start a conversation about those rights.” — Hikaru Cho. You can check out her works here and some of her visuals from “My Body My Rights”. Check out her other stuff here: hikaru_cho


A well rounded artist named Alexa Meade creates stunning art through painting directly onto the bodies of her models. Her works showcase a combination of painting, installations, and performance art. According to her bio, her background in the world of political communications has fueled her intellectual interest in the tensions between perception and reality. Entirely self-taught, she used her own body as her canvas for her first few pieces. What makes her work even more fascinating is that you can photograph her work from any angle and the illusion would still hold up. Talk about literally walking in on a painting! See some of her amazing works! Other works from Alexa Meage here:  alexameadeaert


We all know by now that there are serious cosplayers out there, dedicated to bring life to their beloved favorite characters. May it be with their outlandish costume construction or the amount of detail they put into their whole look and well there’s Kay Pike who literally brings her costumes to life! Talk about someone who brings out a whole new level into body painting, Kay Pike learned how to body paint back in 2015 after meeting bodypainter, Lianne Moseley at the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo 2015. She made her breakthrough when she started broadcasting on Twitch that blew up just after 2 months along with more than 20 million social media views. She’s well known for transforming herself into famous superheroes and other cartoon characters through painting them on her own body. Go see how she transforms herself into different characters. See more of her characters here: kaypikefashion


Probably one of the most popular make-up artist to date, 31 year old Mimi Choi from Vancouver, Canada stands out from all those beauty bloggers in the most mind-blowing way possible as she uses her own mug to create optical illusions. She’s making headlines with her eclectic prowess in face painting — from black holes to slicing her face in half, she just continues to surprise us with her unique talent.Get ready to be amazed as you check out some of her insane transformations. Check out her other works here: mimles



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