The Saddest Rick and Morty Scenes Ever

The long wait for season 3 is the saddest Rick and Morty moment, at least for us fans! For the last year and a half we have been screaming WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB!

Yes, we are in great pain for waiting so long for Rick and Morty season 3! For crying out loud, it is absolute torture! There should be laws that protect us viewers from producers who do this sort of thing. We’re looking at you, Dan!

saddest rick and morty

Now that the wait is almost over, what better way to celebrate than revisiting some scenes from season 1 and 2, right? More accurately, the saddest Rick and Morty moments in the entire franchise.

Here are our top 5 picks saddest Rick and Morty scenes. Enjoy!


1. Morty buries himself

Saddest Rick and Morty

At the end of episode 6, Rick brings Morty to another reality, one where the world wasn’t corrupted by Morty-obssessed humanoid praying mantises. This new universe had just lost its own Rick and Morty in a freak laboratory accident.

In order to take over the Rick and Morty of that dimension, our Rick and Morty would have to get rid of dead corpses. This is where it gets really sad for Morty.

Saddest Rick and Morty

As they are burying their own selves, the gravity of what was happening starts to sink in. Morty slowly realizes that he will never be the same again. He had just left his “real” reality in exchange for this other one. This entails him leaving behind his actual family, friends and literally everything he has ever known.

Just thinking about this is already making our minds explode! It’s just impossible to comprehend as a real human being writing this. I mean, we are real, right?

 2. Unity Dumps Rick

Saddest Rick and Morty

Of all the crazy sh*t that have happened to Rick, you would think getting dumped would have the lowest chance of causing emotional damage. Seriously, he is a destroyer of worlds (unproven, but still). Surely, someone with that status isn’t the type to have his feelings hurt by a failed relationship, right?

If that’s the case then why does Rick break down? Maybe it doesn’t in his actions but you can definitely see in his eyes that something is killing him inside.

While it really is sad how Unity thinks being with Rick will never work because he will never change, we think it’s more than that.  It could be that this incident stirred something buried deep within Rick’s soul, his humanity.

Saddest Rick and Morty


3. Rick Sees His Wife and Kid Die

Saddest Rick and Morty

In the first episode of Season 3 we get a glimpse of Rick’s past, particularly when he created the Portal Gun. Of course, we all know now this memory was a fabrication done by Rick to fool his intergalactic captors. Seeing that for the first time, however, definitely damped our eyelids.

Saddest Rick and Morty

When young C-137 Rick refuses to create the Portal Gun as instructed by an older Rick from a another universe, things quickly turn ugly. Just a few moments after visiting Rick leaves, a new portal opens where a bomb is dropped right in front if his wife, Dianne and their daughter Beth killing both.

Also, the fact that real Rick gets on his knees doesn’t help us at all.


4. Rick Leaves, Again

Saddest Rick and Morty

Rick was gone for a good twenty years before knocking on Beth’s door looking for a place to stay. Several times in the series, we hear Beth talking about how much it hurt her when Rick left without saying a word.

In the ending scene of season 2, Jerry is having an argument with Beth about turning Rick into the government and getting their normal lives back. He loses by a landslide with Morty and Summer siding with their mom. When the confused Jerry finally demands to know why Beth allows Rick’s bad influence around their kids, she answers, “because I don’t want him to leave again, you dumb ***hole!”

Saddest Rick and Morty

Rick accidentally overhears all of this while warming himself up (or down) planet Dwarf Terrace-9. And what’s his course of action? He decides to leave! This time, however, he isn’t doing it for himself but rather for the rest of the family.

Rick pretends to go out for ice-cream but instead notifies the Ongoing Investigations Department of the Intergalactic Federation on his whereabouts which ultimately leads to his capture. He does thinking, for once, of everyone else’s benefit.

This may not be the first time Rick sacrificed himself for someone else in the show, but this one is the ultimate sacrifice.

Saddest Rick and Morty


5. Rick’s Suicide

Saddest Rick and Morty

While this one is directly after the breakup of Unity, we think it deserves it own spot. We also believe that it deserves the top one as far as saddest scenes go.

Now when Rick comes back to Earth, he attempts to commit suicide. Although, he may be heart-broken, we don’t think this is reason enough for the smartest person in all conceivable universes to take his own life. Instead, Rick’s depression reaches levels it has never gone before.

Saddest Rick and Morty

To understand fully, you’ll have to know about the theory of Rick’s awareness of his fictional experience. You can check more of about that here. In a nutshell, Rick knows that whatever he does, as the main character of Rick and Morty, he will never die. As long as the creators want him to live, the show will go on and there’s nothing he can do about it.

That’s the saddest situation anyone can ever be in. Knowing your fate and yet not being able to do anything about it. Being aware that even if you try to take your own life, you will fail. Rick knows that he will never truly know love and freedom because he is not in control of his own destiny.

Saddest Rick and Morty


What do you think of our Saddest Rick and Morty moments list ever? Do you think there are sadder moments in the Rick and Morty show that we didn’t include?

We’re doing Rick and Morty stories for the remainder of the week so stay tuned for more awesome stuff! As always, thanks for reading and whatever you do always keep your mind blown!


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