MIND BLOWN: Rick and Morty are on Justice League

Rick and Morty on the Justice League?

You’re skeptical about this one, aren’t you? This is totally clickbait, isn’t it? What on earth or and in all conceivable universes would the Rick and Morty show be doing on the Justice League movie? Well, the answer is – we don’t know and we don’t care because Rick and Morty are in fact THERE!

While the paragraph above unintentionally rhymes toward the end, it is in fact true! Rick and Morty do appear on the trailers of the Justice League, but mostly on the first one which was released in 2016. Before we proceed, put on your anti-brain explosion helmet because this easter egg will blow your mind away!

Rick and Morty in the Justice League trailer

If you look closely at the part where Bruce Wayne (Batman) lets himself inside Barry Allen’s (Flash) room, you’ll see a bunch of computer monitors directly behind the “masked vigilante”. They all show green diagrams, or whatever those are, on their screens. All this seems pretty normal since superheroes are supposed to have high-tech stuff going on in their labs, right? That’s where we made our mistake! We moved on too quickly from this awesome scene thinking we’ve seen all there is to see.

Boy, were we wrong! Upon closer inspection, we saw something that literally blew our minds out of our brain holes and splattered intelligence juice on the floor. A Rick and Morty episode is playing on one of the screens! It becomes visible right after Bruce throws the business card ‘baterang’ for Barry to catch. How about that!

What’s the meaning of all this?

The episode on the Justice League trailer is titled “Something Ricked This Way Comes,” from season one of the Rick and Morty television show created by Adult Swim. The particular scene being shown is of Summer and Rick beating up Mr. Needful a.k.a the Devil himself. They do this after the demonic character dupes Summer out of her share of profits from a business venture of selling cursed artifacts (you know the story).


“I was Zuckerberging people before Zuckerberg’s balls dropped. I’m the Devil, biatch! – Mr. Needful to Summer

Amazing, we know. But it doesn’t end there! Due to this unexpected and rather mind blowing easter egg, people are now begging the question of relevance. Does the Rick and Morty show have any significance on the Justice League? Are they perhaps going to be the next super villains? The answer is probably no. The most likely reason they’re even on their is because Barry Allen likes his cartoons.

One conspiracy or theory we like comes from comicbook.com. They make an analogy between Bruce Wayne as Batman and Mr. Needful the Devil wherein both the cartoon and film make a connection. Bruce, who is sometimes referred to as a demonic force, is offering Barry a “Faustian” deal. This means the Flash will be offering spiritual value in exchange for physical or material gain. Sort of like what Summer was offered in the R&M episode. Mind blown, again?

Of course, all of these theories and conspiracies could be nonsense and the only real truth behind Rick and Morty being on Justice League is the fact that Barry Allen loves Adult Swim programs. Who knows!

Well, that’s about it for this mind blowing story.You can watch the full Justice League trailer below.

Did your brains get rattled just like ours did? Let us know what you think in the comments section. Also, feel free to share to your friends who are certified Rick and Morty and Justice League fans – or both!

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