BLACKPINK are the New Kpop Queens

5 Reasons Why BLACKPINK are the New Kpop Queens

BLACKPINK, which debuted on the 8th of August last year, is not even a year old. But in just few months they have created such an undeniable presence in the Kpop scene that cannot be ignored. With the onset of their recent achievements it is now time to acknowledge what is rightfully due. BLACKPINK, composed of members Jennie, Jisoo, Rose, and Lisa, might very well be the new Queens of Kpop.

Yes, in a bloody industry claiming the lives of so many young people’s dreams, where groups disband left and right, and trainees have to go through survival competitions just to get a little bit of attention only for them to return to obscurity, BLACKPINK stands among the bunch as the undeniable team to beat when it comes to the convoluted market that are girl groups.

Okay, okay, I know what you’re going to say. What about Twice? Or Red Velvet? I mean Girls Generation will always be the best right? With the mass extinction of all the 2nd generation girl groups from 2NE1, 4Minute, SISTAR, and probably with T-ara and f(x) up next on the chopping block, the title of Kpop Queens has never been more up for grabs. And honestly there are only about 4 groups with the claim to the title, probably 5 had I.O.I not been a one-year gimmick.

But with SM realizing that Taeyeon alone can bring in about the same revenue as Girl’s Generation, Kpop’s top company seems to be content with just releasing music for Taeyeon which is a much cheaper alternative to having a comeback for the entire group.

Then we have Red Velvet who, by some mysterious power, is being treated as the next f(x). They’re always given experimental music, they’re not given a lot of guesting on variety shows, fans even waited years to get an awful fandom name, and what was once the new girl group to beat is now in the shadows of newer groups from fellow big three companies.

And finally there were two: Twice and BLACKPINK. But with Twice’s last comeback ‘Signal’ being a regression compared to ‘Knock-Knock,’ and with BLACKPINK breaking records left and right with their latest single to show insane growth in less than a year, BLACKPINK may very well have the edge over the two.

There’s probably a million reasons why BLACKPINK is arguably Kpop’s top girl group right now, but here’s 5 that we think really separates them from the rest of the fold.

5. They Have No Weak Spots – It’s easy to find talent in Kpop groups, but it is also very easy to see weaknesses. Some groups might be good in singing, but really weak in terms of their dancing. Other groups might be good in both but then have zero visuals or the exact opposite where the group is made up of lipsyncing beauties.

It’s very hard to find the perfect mix of looks and talent in Kpop. And no matter how well rounded a group is, there’s always that one member who either can’t sing or can’t dance while the rest of the group covers for him or her.

But that’s not the case at all with BLACKPINK. From every member singing live, to every member being an outstanding dancer, and with their elite rappers in Jennie and Lisa, there’s not one member who is bad at anything. And have we mentioned the visuals? Yup, it’s all of them. This is that very rare group in Kpop where every member is as strong as the next. No wonder most fans have come full circle and have biased each of them.

4. They Learned From Royalty – You know how people say when you work with the best you become the best. That’s exactly the case with BLACKPINK. They were groomed to be the best.

Even before they became a group, their members individually were already overachievers – like Jennie and Rose featuring in different G-Dragon songs, or Jisoo starring in a commercial with Lee Min Ho, or Lisa being in the same dance crew as Got7’s Bam-Bam. These girls have multiple experiences working with the best even before they started, that’s why they never had the rookie vibe. That’s why it is easy for them to act the part as Queens, they’ve been performing with Kings long before.

3. Thailand – How does a foreign country turn a Kpop group into Kpop Queens? That’s easy, overwhelming international support. It’s no secret that South-East Asia has been one of the largest base of Kpop’s international market. Thailand is the crown jewel in this populous region because Kpop has successfully penetrated its mainstream media when it is still a niche market in the bloc’s more populated countries. It also helps that Lisa is Thai, thereby converting a whole nation into a fanbase, and instantly creating millions of advocates that will fight for them, and also committed thousands who will even try to ruin their rivals.

2. YG – The studio is said to be the house of artists among the Big 3. It is also the most consistent among them when it comes to delivering hit songs. We saw it with BIGBANG, we saw it with 2NE1, and we’re seeing it now with BLACKPINK. Of course being in YG doesn’t ensure success, ehem iKon, ehem WINNER, but that said Yang Hyun-suk’s sensibilities and Teddy’s production talents have always shone through for their artists and it has never been more apparent than with BLACKPINK’s releases which have all been topnotch.

Wish all executives would learn from them and focus on song quality instead of focusing on making songs ad-JYP-dictive. If history tells us anything, it’s that BLACKPINK can rely on their studio to constantly deliver hit songs for them.

1. BLINKS – BLACKPINK is nothing with their amazing fanbase called BLINKS. You give them overwhelming support breaking tons of records and setting many new milestones! From their latest Music Video ‘As If It’s Your Last’ amassing more than 13 Million views in 24 hours which is the record for the most views in a single day for a Kpop group, to topping 18 different countries in the iTunes Chart with their hit single, BLACKPINK owes it all to their BLINKS.

You guys, millions and millions of you, are the reason why BLACKPINK are wearing the crowns of the Kpop industry right now!



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