The 5 Highest Paid YouTube Stars Ever 2017 Edition

The 5 Highest Paid YouTube Stars Ever 2017 Edition

“I am going to be an internet celebrity!” – YouTube Stars

The highest paid YouTube stars today probably never actually said those words out loud when they were just starting. If they did, they’d probably get torched for practicing witchcraft.

Maybe getting burnt to death is an exaggeration but if you said out loud how you will become a millionaire by posting silly videos of yourself on the internet back in 1995, well you can already imagine the crazy looks you’ll get. It couldn’t be that bad right? Worst case scenario you’d get fired from your job, disowned by your friends and sent to the mental hospital by your family.

The 5 Highest Paid YouTube Stars Ever 2017 Edition

Jokes aside, when we look back now, can we really blame anyone for thinking the idea of internet fame was crazy? Rather, would we be in the same mindset as they were back then?

Most people were still reading newspapers and magazines – in their primitive non-digital formats! Heck, cellphones in those early days of the internet weren’t even ‘smart’ yet.

Post-2010 was humanity’s digital renaissance on Earth because for the first time in modern human history, people could actually decide which form of entertainment to consume!

The power to tune in to something not created and fed by large corporate media networks was an atomic bomb of freedom!

Nobody could have predicted how massive video blogging (or vlogs) would become in such a short span of time. Come YouTube’s arrival, the world literally changed. This, in favor of non-traditional new media.

The 5 Highest Paid YouTube Stars Ever 2017 Edition

People started discovering that through online videos their voices could be heard by anyone and everyone around the world.

There was nothing anybody could do to stop them. Not the government and not giant media networks (although they tried hard).

It was overwhelming power for the masses.

The 5 Highest Paid YouTube Stars Ever 2017 Edition

The most important factor to consider in YouTube’s growth is that people loved internet content and the creators that produced them. They enjoyed the videos and engaged with the producers via comments, likes and social media shares.

These newfound internet ‘celebrities’ weren’t like the traditional ones which you could only adore from a distance. No, YouTubers were normal people you could interact with.

In exchange for pumping out videos on a regular basis, YouTube would pay the creators for views. Soon, YouTube vloggers started to rake in serious cash mostly with advertisements with Google’s adsense program.

Today, these content creators are known as YouTube sensations or internet celebrities.

It’s no secret that they’ve all made MILLIONS of dollars. These are five of the highest paid YouTube stars ever and their estimated earnings.

The 5 Highest Paid YouTube Stars Ever 2017 Edition

These are five of the highest paid YouTubers ever and their estimated earnings.


5. Markiplier

Subscriber count: 17.9+ Million

View Count: 7.7+ Billion

Estimated Earnings: $5.5 Million

One of the most popular gaming YouTubers is Mark Fischback, better know by his fans as Markiplier. He is among the highest paid YouTube stars on the internet. His channel is focused on entertaining his views through comedy not just in playing games but developing his own skits and animated parodies.

highest paid YouTube stars - Markiplier

Markiplier is very open about his passion for show business. In a recent interview he talked about pushing himself into music and acting in a more traditional sense. He wants to make sure that when the time comes he is offered a movie role, he will be prepared with the proper skill set.


4. Rosanna Pansino

Subscriber Count: 8.7+ Million

View Count: 2+ Billion

Estimated Earnings: $6 Million

Rosanna Pansino is famous for her cooking show called the Nerdy Nummies. Her baked creations is among the most sought for online, propelling her to become among the highest paid YouTube stars to date.

highest paid YouTube stars - Rosanna Pansino

She is also a producer and actress who starred in the animated YouTube series called Broken Quest. She has also appeared in episodes of Parks and Recreation and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

If you’ve followed her since her early days, you’d know she is also quite the gamer! In the past, she would collaborate with gamer Husky Starcraft where they would play Starcraft II games which fans from both channels loved.


3. Smosh

Subscriber Count: 22.7+ Million

View Count: 6.5+ Billion

Estimated Earnings: $7 Million

The Smosh is a duo comedy show by YouTube veterans Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. The two were among the first ever sensations on YouTube with their comedic sketches and parodies of video games, celebrities and pop culture in general.

Many years after starting their channel, the Smosh creators now run several channels including Smosh 2nd Channel, Smosh Games, and El Smosh.


2. Roman Atwood

Subscriber Count: 13.1+ M

View Count: 3.8+ Billion

Estimated Earnings: $8 Million

Roman Atwood has two channels. An older one, which he refers to as his ‘old dusty channel, is where all of his prank videos were published. This channel had over ten million subscribers and 1 billion views. However, he stopped making videos here about a year ago as he transitioned to a new channel called RowanAtwoodVlogs.

highest paid YouTube stars - roman atwood

His new channel is no longer riddled with prank videos. Instead he posts about his life, family and other good things that don’t center on creative slapstick humor. As it turns out, his followers love this version of him even better as proven by his growing subscriber and view count.


1. Pewdiepie

Subscriber count: 56+ Million

View Count: 15.7+ Billion

Estimated Earnings: $15 Million

Perhaps the greatest YouTuber ever, Pewdiepie started from humble beginnings. If you’ve seen some of his older videos you’ll know that he started with almost nothing. He didn’t even have money to buy games so he played demos.

highest paid YouTube stars - pewdiepie

Pewdiepie is probably the highest paid YouTube star ever. The road to his success, however, is not all sunshines and rainbows. He made enemies in the traditional media industry who tried to shut down his career. This caused him to lose major sponsor deals and his Disney show cancelled.

The networks who tried to bring him down however, failed. Or at least in our perspective. Pewdiepie, in fact, gained a lot of support from his followers and fellow YouTubers. It seems that no matter how hard old media tries, new media will still prevail.

So if you want to know more about Pewdiepie’s story, check out his video.


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