11 Incredibly Haunting Pictures of the Titanic

Are you ready for some spooky and incredibly haunting pictures of the Titanic?

One hundred and five years ago, in the wee hours of a mid-April morning, the unthinkable happened – an unsinkable ship sunk. It was the RMS Titanic.

Yes, we’ve all seen the movie where Jack drew Rose like one of his french girls. Today, however, we’re not going to talk about romanticized fiction because we have some of the most incredibly haunting photos of the Titanic you’ll ever see!

These 11 images carry with them the haunting pasts of over 1500 lives that were lost at sea. If it weren’t for the tragic demise of then the greatest peaceful maritime steam passenger ship, these photos would probably have the opposite, cheerful effect. Sadly, we cannot alter time.

Let’s look these incredibly haunting pictures of the Titanic.

1. The Final Voyage

The RMS Titanic is all set for a successful maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. Just 5 days after this photo was took, it is in the bottom of the ocean never to set sail again. This, after leaving the dock in its so perfectly unsinkable condition.

2. Overturned Engelhardt Boat B

This is the photo of the overturned Engelhardt Lifeboat B. No passengers seem to have been on board but that can’t be guaranteed. It appears that the people on the other boat are attempting to tip it back over. Some say this counts as one of the most haunting pictures of the Titanic tragedy.

3. The wealthy die rich

First class passengers on the RMS Titanic were served drinks such as tea and coffee while the ship was sinking. Among them was Jacob Astor IV, the richest person on board the ship. It is said that he told his server,

“I asked for ice but this is ridiculous!” he said before he perished along with the unsinkable ship but the legend of his famous last words remain.

4. The Ship Destroyer

This is claimed to be an actual photo of the iceberg that sunk the RMS Titanic. It may look small in the frame but you know what they say about only seeing the tip of an iceberg.

5. Tasting water for the first time

It was the first time the RMS Titanic was going to touch water. It was also the last time it would be off of it. In the photo, the massive ship is being slid into the ocean in preparation for its maiden voyage.

6. Lining up for doom

This photograph was taken by Father Frank Brown who was the only passenger to take photos aboard the ship. The one you’re looking at has been re-colored digitally. It shows the long line of passengers waiting to board the RMS Titanic. Little did they know that most of them would never step foot on dry land again.

7. The final chapter ends

It took several days before the bodies of fatalities from the sunken RMS TItanic could be recovered. The photo you are seeing was lost for decades emerging only in 2012.

8. Dining in emptiness

Haunting Pictures of the Titanic

The dining hall of the RMS Titanic was built with the intention of serving passengers for many years. After this picture was taken, it served its purpose only once and never will it ever again.

9. Rescued

Haunting Pictures of the Titanic

Passengers who had survived were rescued by RMS Carpathia, another transatlantic passenger steam. It came in aid of the Titanic’s radio distress calls. It was the only ship to lend assistance to victims of the tragic event.

10. Lifeboats that saved lives

Haunting Pictures of the Titanic

Since the RMS Titanic was deemed unsinkable, designers chose not to install a sufficient amount of lifeboats to save all passengers. These are the actual ones onboard the ship and carried survivors.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of boats, most people who went to the water drowned.

11. The man who went down with his ship

Haunting Pictures of the Titanic

Captain Edward John Smith was in charge of the RMS Titanic. Many people claim he was the reason why the ship sunk in the first place. Others, however, say he is a hero for choosing to go down with his beloved ship instead of saving himself. Legends say that when it was confirmed that all was lost they are doomed to sink, he told his men,

“Well boys, you’ve done your duty and done it well. I ask no more of you. I release you. You know the rule of the sea. It’s every man for himself now, and God bless you.”


There are many stories that go around about what the real story of the RMS Titanic is. Some conspiracies claim that it was actually a different ship that sunk while others say it was an insurance scam during a time of depression.

In any case, the fact that so many people died in this tragic incident leaves a haunting presence on the photos above.

Did the photos creep you out or not? Which did you find creepiest among all of them?

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