The Hardest Rick and Morty Quiz Ever (READ WARNING!)

Can you pass the Hardest Rick and Morty Quiz in all Conceivable Universes?

So you think you’re fanest-fan of Rick and Morty’s? Well guess, what – you just might be! But first you have to prove it! We have developed the hardest Rick and Morty quiz you will ever encounter.

There are two ways to pass this quiz. The first one is if you’re IQ is at the same level as the Rickest Rick. The other option is to shove a mega seed up your butt! Like waaaaay up there.

WARNING: There is a 100% chance that you will fail this test. There are an infinite number of universes but none exist wherein you will end up with a perfect score.

Please do not commit self inflicted violence on yourself.

Are you a Rick or are you a Morty? Click on Squanch this quiz when you’re ready for your brain to be squished!


Don’t forget to share with your friends to challenge their knowledge on Rick and Morty. Have fun!



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