Hardcore Rick and Morty Character Quiz

There are an infinite number of Rick and Morty characters because there is an infinite number of realities in an infinite number of universes! All that, however, doesn’t matter because you probably can’t even name the ones on this quiz!

If you name all 20 characters in this quiz correctly, that means you are the Rickest-Rick in all conceivable universes and you should be worshipped as a god by your own miniverse (or tinyverse – WHATEVER!).

This quiz was developed by people who live and and *BUUUURRRPPP* Rick and Morty. They are also sadists who want to see you fail. Because you’re a little Morty. Yes we called you a Morty, you Jerry!

Want to prove you’re a true Rick and Morty fan? Take the quiz, ace it, and share it. Or not, since you probably won’t event get five.

Are you ready, Morty (or was it Jerry)? Click the SQUANCH button below to start the quiz!




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We hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to leave a share this quiz to your friends and to post your results in the comments section.

And that’s the waaaaay the news goes!



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