The Hardest BTS LOVE YOURSELF Quiz You Will Ever Take


If you’re an ARMY, then you know what to expect when comeback season comes. You start feeling nervous and excited, you start binge watching old BTS videos on youtube, and you get a phobia every 12AM Korean Standard Time because Big Hit Entertainment is one sneaky company that will make you go bald with their sudden surprises.

You also had this happen to you recently, with this upcoming ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ comeback. It all started with a teaser poster of Jungkook dropping out of nowhere, followed one by one by everyone else. Then you got shookt because pair teasers started dropping. Then wham! You got a random ass LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel dropping out of the sky! As if that wasn’t enough, you got FOUR!!! FOUR!!! Highlight Reels!!!! I’m really gonna go bald. I was snatched, I tell you.


Right now we’re just waiting, waiting to get even balder.

If you’re a diehard BTS fan, then I know you devoured the comeback hints like a hungry Jin would! So let’s test out how much you paid attention to all the things that got thrown here and there for this comeback.

Are you ready to test how much you actually know about the LOVE YOURSELF concept? From a Jungkook to a Rapmon how ready do you think you are? If you are, then good luck! Kaep-Jjang!!!!

Starting Answering! Click here to go bald:





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