Game of Thrones Season Finale – Everything We Know

If you’re a real GoT fan then you most probably already have seen the Game of thrones season 7 finale preview that HBO released for the last episode. As die-hard fanatics ourselves, we have watched the teaser over a hundred times in order to dissect any and all information we could from it. Of course, there’s the choice of just waiting for the actual episode to air but where’s the fun in that, right? Right?!

There are 7 things we are certain about the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale based on scenes revealed in the teaser. We drilled it down to these specific items (out of dozens of other notable things) because the rest will fall into the “theory” or “speculations” area.

Okay, so let’s get down to it! These are 7 facts about the Game of Thrones season finale episode we are sure of!


1. Grey Worm is alive with a strong Unsullied army behind him

Yes! Our favorite Unsullied is alive and well and ready to wreak havoc to the Lannisters! Grey Worm is the first character to appear in the trailer and he’s ready to lay siege with an army to back him up. It looks like a very big battle is about the start but we can’t be sure whether or not it will be a great war amongst humans or the dead! We’re kinda hoping to see both because that would be awesome!

2. Theon will come face to face with his uncle Euron’s Iron Fleet

It’s almost certain that the uncle and nephew Greyjoys will have a staredown. A battle would be incredible but this meeting is supposedly one for truce but who knows, we might just see an epic showdown of who can sink more ships faster! Of course, the two are both driven by very strong desires with Euron wanting to be Cersei’s king while Theon hoping toi rescue his sister! We don’t know yet what the real fate of Yara Greyjoy is but we’re assuming she’s still alive as of now but there is a clue to her fate which you’ll find on another item below.

3. Sansa is alone at Winterfell

In the closeup shot of Sansa it appears that she is alone and up to something. Unlike most of the early seasons, Sansa is now playing one of the most important games in Game of Thrones. Add that to the tensions playing around with Arya and Littlefinger, we’re nearly clueless as to what’s going to happen next. Whatever she’s going to do, and we never expected we’d say this but, we’re excited to see what she’ll do! Hopefully, it involves Littlefinger going down!

4. The Fellowship of Winter is happening and everyone is present

In the teaser we see clear shots of the gatherers in what appears to be the Dragonpit. We see Jon Snow, Tyrion, Theon, Jorah, Davos, Brienne, Podrick, Cersei, Jaime and others. BUT NO DANY! Yes, there is no shot of the “rightful heir to the iron throne” anywhere on the teaser. This could be because her appearance is going to be so epic any hint at it would spoil the fun. Imagine Daenerys flying in on Cersei and everyone in the Fellowship of Winter on top of a fire breathing Drogon!

5. Theon Breaks Down

We see a quick shot of Theon during the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale preview where he is taggering and falling with his fist to the ground. This could be hinting that his sister Yara was killed by Euron and he is blaming himself for her death.

6. Jon Snow will present his case about the White Walkers

At the end of the teaser we hear the only words spoken throughout and it comes from none other than the King of the North, Jon Snow. He says in his most serious voice, “The only war that matters, is here.” This is most certainly something he would say after showcasing the the wight they caught during their perilous journey outside the wall.

7. The title of the Season Finale Episode The Dragon and the Wolf

If this title doesn’t excite you then we don’t know what will!



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