Enter the Rickstaverse, an Actual Miniverse!

First of all, to everyone who made the Rickstaverse a reality, hats off to all of you! This is absolutely mind-blowing!

The Rickstaverse. Yes it’s been out for two years and no, you probably don’t know about this yet. Another yes, it will blow your mind!

Adult Swim has created one of the most sophisticated and perhaps the first ever game on Instagram (that we’re aware of at least). There is, however, one problem – nobody knows about it!

The Rick and Morty show recently released the first few episodes of Season 3 after a long one-and-a-half year in production. These new episodes have been receiving mixed reactions from fans, which we’re not going to talk about here. What’s baffling is the fact that amidst all the clamor of debate going on about the new scripts and plots, very little attention has been given to the Rickstaverse!

So what is this Rickstaverse all about and how is it relevant to your life? Well, I can answer what it’s about to a degree with which I understand it but as far as life relevance goes, I think we’re past the point of realization that nothing exists for a reason. Right, Morty?


It all begins by going to IG handle @rickandmortyrickstaverse. The Rickstaverse is an Instagram game which involves an intricate integration of multiple accounts, masterful layout of photos and videos, superb use of the tagging feature and, well, pure nonsensical brilliance.

Basically upon going to the Rickstaverse IG account, you are entering a miniaturized version of the Rick and Morty universe. Clicking on a photo will “zoom” you into a particular planet, place, or object. You can ‘warp’ to several destinations, unlock doors to offices, malls, and such. We won’t spoil too much because we believe you should explore the Rickstaverse expanse by yourself.


One thing we will tell you though is that you will want to keep your eye out for hidden collectibles such as the Jerrygotchi and Garblovian Bootleggers. Also, it’s best if you use your mobile device because, you know, Instagram on desktops and laptops kinda suck a**.


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