Japanese Pro Cosplayer Earns Millions in just Two Days

Cosplay is the product of a combination between words, costumes and roleplaying. Originating from Japan, it became a sensation to all fictional character lovers eventually bleeding into mainstream popular culture. Mostly associated with anime, comic books, video games, and the typical geeky elements, it is now an incredibly powerful subculture in all things geek.

It’s rise to fame was so quick from way back in the 90’s up until this day that throughout those years, cosplay predominately etched its mark on pop culture and has since then become an integral part of people’s lives. It transitioned from mere costuming into a very visual and unique performance art. Of course, with the rise of cosplay and the intense participation by cosplayers, some have devoted themselves into ‘costume play,’ making a career out of it.

While there are some household names in the world of cosplay like — Yaya Han, Lindsay Elyse, Jannet Vinogradova, Alodia Gosiengfiao to name a few, then there are your hardcore Japanese cosplayers and one that is clearly taking Asia by storm would have to Enako.

Enako is 1/3 of Panache! a Japanese idol and cosplay group but now she continues to pick up attention as a solo act being one of Japan’s most popular cosplayer.

Back in 2012, Enako visited six cities across China, Thailand, and Myanmar solidifying her following where she quickly attracted an extreme amount of attention overseas.

In 2013, she continued to expand her popularity when she performed for more than 4,000 people as a main guest in Shanghai, China. She also performed in China’s largest doujin event where she captured the hearts of almost 2,000 attendees in Chengdu.

Ever since then she continuously made a name for herself and is even considered as a massive star in the anime world. And with all these attention and fame comes the benjamins. You might be in doubts as to how spending money on costumes and make-up could garner you with tons of cash and I gotta say that it’s true, some cosplayers would hate to burst your bubble that it’s hard to breakout into cosplay for money. But once again, we can’t say the same for Enako, being in her level of fame, she opened up on how much she earns when she appeared on Nakai no Mado, a Japanese talk show in 2016 where she said that she earns more than one million yen a month.

Yes, you read that right, she earns roughly around $9,700 (one million yen) through cosplay! So how exactly does she amass such earnings? Well Enako goes on and share that she can earn up to 400,000 yen for simply appearing live in front of her fans. But the real deal comes from her merchandise sales mainly photos — her merch sales would bring her a total of roughly 10 million yen in just two days during the last Comiket.

By comparison, the average yearly salary in Japan is only around 3 million yen which funnily enough Enako could make in just one afternoon. Besides appearing live and attending conventions, her massive earnings also comes from sponsors, endorsements, and promotes anime and films as well as game releases.

She recently appeared at the Summit dressed as virtual YouTuber Kizuna Ai.

Watch the full video HERE.<<<<

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