9 Breathtaking Sights To Include in Your Travel List

Breathtaking Sights To See Before You Die

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Should I get up from my comfortable couch and traverse through land and sea only to gaze upon the most breathtaking sights on Earth?” 

If you haven’t, well, we suggest you start asking! 

Life is a contract between us and the universe. Nobody really knows why we’re alive nor the reason why we were given tongues, noses, eyes, ears and lungs. No one can explain why human beings have a mind capable of imagination, creation, and destruction. 

There is however, a maybe. Maybe these are gifts given to us so we can sing beautiful melodies, smell the fragrance of flowers, hear birds chirping in chorus, and breathe-in the particles of life itself. Maybe, we were given a mind, so unimaginably brilliant, for the sole purpose of being able to comprehend and appreciate the art of God.

This world is the most wonderful (and is also the one and only) place we will ever live in. Yet very few of us are actually seeing it. Personally, I think we should all travel and strive to witness with our own eyes as much of all the breathtaking sights of Mother Earth that we could. For it would be a shame if we took for granted our precious gifts by not utilizing it for this ultimate purpose, and simply dying without as much as getting a chance to discover what wonderful truths lay out there for us.

To travel the world is to live a full life. 

This is a list of nine (9) of the most majestic sights we believe you’ll ever see in a single lifetime. There are plenty more which might be covered in part 2 of this series. For now, these are my top selections for the most breathtaking sights you should see before you die.

1. Aurora Borealis (The Northern Lights), Europe/South America

Breathtaking Sights To See Before You Die


The Aurora is the most incredible light show you will ever see in your life. There’s a lot of science behind what causes the northern lights but that story is for a different article because in this one we we’re all about appreciating the breathtaking sights. No electrons, no charged particles, no science, just plain old wonderful magic.

You can catch the Northern Lights best in Southern America and Europe. This particular mind blowing shot was taken in Norway.

2. Socotra Island, Yemen

Breathtaking Sights To See Before You Die


Socotra island is one of those places which feel like they were taken straight out of a fantastical adventure novel. This place is almost totally untouched by humankind that it has become home to some of the most beautiful yet unusual floras and faunas. Just take a look at this photo of a Dragon’s Blood Tree, you won’t find that anywhere else except probably in your wildest imaginations. Did we mention that this is the only place where you’ll find a species of frogs which have ‘forgotten’ how to jump?

Numerous legends have sprouted from this magical island. Greek invaders once believed that the entire island was a personal gift from the gods for them. It is also said that it his home to the magical Phoenix which nested on Dragon’s Blood trees.

To get here you will have to travel to Yemen and catch a plane going to Socotra. Once there however, you have to be very diligent in making sure you follow a set of rules designed to maintain the natural state of this UNESCO Heritage Site.

3. The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Breathtaking Sights To See Before You Die

The great Pyramids are never absent on any list involving the most breathtaking sights and mind-blowing places on Earth. It’s a sight every single person alive deserves to see.

For over 4000 years, it remained the tallest man-made structure making it an incredible engineering feat made by the Egyptians at that time. It is also for this reason that a lot of conspiracies as to how it was really built have come up. Some theorists believe that extra-terrestrial help was involved. Others work to debunk this theory. At the end of the day nobody really knows how the majestic Pyramids were built. All we know is that it’s a wonder to behold.

4. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Breathtaking Sights To See Before You Die

The biggest salt lake  in the world also has the nickname, “Biggest Mirror of God.” If walking on the sky is part of your bucket list, it’s possible you may not have to look any further than this. One look at Salar de Uyuni and you’ll know why it’s considered one of the most breathtaking sights on the face of the Earth.

The salt lake lies to the south east of Bolivia. It’s a place where almost everything is made out of salt including hotels, beds, furnitures, and even cocktail bars. That’s certainly the cherry-on-top to an already mind-blowing experience, wouldn’t you say?

5. Mount Roraima, Venezuela

Breathtaking Sights To See Before You Die

Going to Mount Roraima is a journey to a place known as a “Lost World.” It is a giant flat-top mountain lying in isolation at one of the least known geographical regions on earth. Misty summits cut it off from surrounding landscapes at the boundaries of Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana.

Known to locals as Tepuis, the mountain is home to some of the highest waterfall in the world. It is also home to strange species of animals and plants which have origins dating back to ancient pre-historic origins, of which can be found nowhere else on the planet. They live among the equally strange rock formations which seem to defy all known laws of gravity.

At the top of Mount Roraima, you will capture with your very own eyes a breathtaking sight you’ll think was meant only for gods to behold.

6. Waitomo Gloworm Caves, New Zealand

Breathtaking Sights To See Before You Die

When you think of caves, the first natural thing that comes to mind is darkness. Most caves which are open to the public or at least known to be safe for venturing into, are lit by artificial light such as torches, lamps and even candles. When visiting any of the Waitomo Gloworm caves, however, you wouldn’t want any of those.

These caves are found on the North Island of New Zealand and is home to the gloworm, also known as Arachnocampa luminosa. They are bioluminescent creatures unique to the Waitomo Gloworm Caves. People have referred to them as “living stars” because of how they radiate like their cosmic counterparts.

Take a trip at least once in your lifetime here. The Waitomo Gloworm Caves are definitely among the most breathtaking sights the underground Earth has to offer.

7. Grand Canyon, USA

Breathtaking Sights To See Before You Die


The Grand Canyon is the most famous of all canyons around the world. There’s a reason for that – it’s also among the most beautiful, breathtaking sights you will ever lay your eyes on. It’s very vast landscape, which can be seen from outer space, is so overwhelmingly captivating that you’ll begin to question just how significant your existence is. The mere thought of the millions of years it took for the rock formations to become what they are is mind blowing.

The Grand National Park is located in Northern Arizona near the southern border of Utah and Southeastern tip of Nevada. It’s quite easy to get to the Grand Canyon since it’s a very common place for tourists to visit.That doesn’t make it any lesser in magnificence than it is. This is one sight you would not want to leave Earth not seeing at least once or twice.

8. Zangye Danxia Landform, China

Breathtaking Sights To See Before You Die


If you’ve ever wondered what god’s painting would look like then you’ve probably never seen the Zangye Danxia Landform.

Also known as the Chinse Rainbow Mountains, this landscape is straight out of fiction, or at least that’s what it seems. It’s appearance is so surreal that if all of a sudden you woke up and realized this was all a dream, you wouldn’t even mind.

The Zangye Danxia landform attracts a lot of local and foreign tourists every year. Should you be one of them this year and check off something from your bucket list?

9. Maldives 

Breathtaking Sights To See Before You Die

Life was never meant to be all work and no play. Perhaps it was for this reason that the gods made the islands of Maldives. It may just be safe to say that you haven’t live life to the fullest without spending at least one vacation in the most beautiful beach of the world. If you die without having seen the white sands of Maldives, you definitely missed out. Don’t let that happen!

This is also a good end for this list. There is so much wonder and awe out there, waiting to be discovered by you. It is a sin to not at least try and seek out all of them. I hope these breathtaking sights inspired the traveler inside you. Perhaps one day we’ll meet each other at the shores of Maldives.

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