3 Anime Characters Who are Perfect in a Different Show

3 Anime Characters That Would Have Been Perfect In A Different Show

Anime Characters are to Anime, what Actors are to Movies. People watch shows not only to enjoy a good story but also because they become attached and connected to the characters that live in the world created by the show. From the bland MC, to the alluring tsunderes, and the cute lolis, characters usually fulfill certain roles and archetypes that their genres ask for. Nevertheless they all have their own traits and quirks that make them unique and special.

While a few characters get lucky being in worlds and stories that suit them perfectly, like Holo as the perfect economic travel-buddy in Spice and Wolf, or Senjougahara as the perfect tsundere girlfriend in Araragi’s mythological world, and these characters become icons adored by millions, others though aren’t so fortunate. Here’s a few characters that, although are good in their own respective shows, could’ve been mind-blowingly better had they been in a different anime world.

1. Chitoge (from Nisekoi) in place of Asuna for Sword Art Online. 

Talk about controversial right off the bat! While Sword Art Online is arguably one of the most successful anime in the past few years, the show still gets a lot of flack for being predictable and having vanilla characters, especially with regards to its two leads. The premise of being stuck in an online game that could prove fatal to your life captivated a lot of people. In a sense the interesting story carried two very uninteresting characters in Kirito and Asuna.

While Kirito is hated for being the ultimate bland MC archetype, Asuna had promise early on the show. She started strong willed and feisty but all that disappeared when she got into a relationship with Kirito. She became a damsel in distress and submissive girlfriend instead of the feisty fighter we thought she was. This is where Chitoge comes in. Imagine Kirito with a Gorilla.

Whoops! Didn’t mean to trigger the Chitoge fanboys out there, but that’s exactly what Kirito needs. Someone as vanilla as he is, he could use one of the stronger girls in anime to give him a whack or two when his unfailing hero complex makes him unbearable.

 my s GIF

While also not taking away the potential for lovey-dovey sweetness that can be drawn from Chitoge, and is essential to the mob of hopeless romantic Sword Art Online fanboys and fangirls out there.

2. Mikoto Misaka (from Railgun) in place of Ochako Uraraka for Boku No Hero Academia 

Boku No Hero Academia or My Hero Academy is one of the best and biggest anime shows right now. The premise is good, the MC is actually someone you find yourself rooting for, and the supporting cast is awesome.

However, if you had to nit-pick, one thing that people usually gripe about is Uraraka. While she’s certainly an interesting character, she’s too plain and simple for the lead love-interest. Especially when paired with the MC, because Izuki’s character is pretty shy and reserved.

While simple and wholesome girls work for a strong and assertive character, like say Tadokoro for Souma in Shokugeki, a weaker MC needs someone with a little umph and a little crazy who will bring out the best in him. In this regard Uraraka fails, she seems more like a second option than a lead girl. The dynamic between her and Izuki leave much to be desired. Bring in Mikoto Misaka to the show and it becomes almost perfect!

 misaka mikoto biribiri mjr3 GIF

The one true Biri-Biri would shine in a show of dominant and intense male characters. Not to mention her esper lightning strikes would fit well in a show of super heroes. But most of all she would bring out the best in Izuki, forcing him to be more confident, and bringing him out of his shell using her super dominant tsundere temperament.

While Raildex was certainly a good show, the One True Biri-Biri deserves a strong show like Hero Academia where her intense personality doesn’t overshadow all the other characters.

3. Subaru (from Re:Zero) in place of Kiyoshi Fujino for Prison School 

Suffaru! We all agree that Subaru, poor lad, is one of the better MCs of the past few seasons. The dude has to repeatedly kill himself or die in a bunch of painful ways in order to save people in his world.

While he is perfect in that show, and Rem and Emilia deserve to be saved, he deserves better than being in a show where he has to die repeatedly till he almost loses his mind. Subaru, though, excels at receiving pain. Well, well, why not put him in better use.

The dude was a born masochist, why not let him be the main whipping boy somewhere? Why not Prison School? His crazy face and antics suit the show very much. And while Kiyoshi is a decent MC, he doesn’t have the star quality that Subaru has. Mari, Meiko, and Hana would crush him to pieces, but our boy Subaru would enjoy being at the receiving end this time around.

 school prison GIF
Finally, imagine all the possibilities of a BDSM ecchi anime having an MC who can die repeatedly!

Can we finally have an MC who will die from boob suffocation only to come back to life happy? This idea is so ingenious it’s giving me the creeps. From Suffaru to Satisfaru in a hearbeat!

Do you agree with our list? Or do you have any violent reactions? Comment below to let us know!



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