5 Bands You Should Be Listening To Right Now

Ah yes, discovering new bands. Every music lover just loves discovering great new artists who have mind blowing music. Whether they’re already popular and make us think that they must be so for a reason, or if they’re relatively unknown yet you just know they’re good because they’re still going strong (besides, who doesn’t love having their own little secret band to listen to?), we love them anyways. It’s like stumbling upon a piece of diamond, but unlike diamonds, songs are literally forever… Seriously, look it up. Diamonds are essentially worthless.

You’re going be telling your friends all about these bands once you’re done reading, and hopefully, we’ve found something new for you to listen to in the car while driving. Away. From the De Beers because of that information we just gave you about diamonds.

“Nothing but Thieves”

bands with mind blowing music

Two words: Conor Mason. If you’ve heard their song “If I Get High”, which surprisingly isn’t literally about drugs, then you’re already aware of the powerful vocal reach that this medium-ish sized man is capable of. Nothing But Thieves is under the category of rock, but they are in no way heavy. Their songs often have a dark atmosphere, but the vocals in every song is distinct and have that “holy s***” moment where Conor showcases the extent that his vocal talent can reach. His voice is, in one word, capturing. Conor can go from slow but high in some songs, such as the aforementioned song “If I Get High,” and then fast but soft in some, such as “Trip Switch.” Very few rock bands have vocalists who can actually sing sing, and Nothing But Thieves is one of them.

Containing the prowess and vocals of Muse, and the ember of Kings of Leon, Nothing But Thieves is a must listen for any alternative rock fans. They also sound no different, if not actually better, when they play live. They can either serenade you with a slow melody with sad lyrics, or hype you up and make you jump the f*** up with energy. Plus, one of their guitarists, Joe Langridge-Brown, looks like Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. Why yes, it is okay to give them a listen just for that.

Listen to “Amsterdam”, “Drawing Pins”, and “Graveyard Whistling” for you to experience the versatility of Conor’s vocal range. Go and watch them live and acoustic too, you won’t regret listening to their mind blowing music. You’re bound to rewind a few seconds on the parts where he hits his high notes. Oh, and did we mention that he’s is British? Because of course he is.

Oh Wonder

bands with mind blowing music

We dare you to find one negative thing about this band. Because they’re the exact opposite of what negativity is – all their songs are all about that good, sunny Sunday morning vibe. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise, because the duo – yes, a duo – of Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West, complement each other’s vocals like a banana complements ice cream (which is actually a good treat on a sunny Sunday). And if “banana sundae pop” isn’t a genre because of how optimistic and fun that genre alone sounds, then it should be, because it would be the perfect way to describe Oh Wonder’s music, and them alone.

Almost all their songs have an upbeat intro, which immediately gets you in a good mood and tells you what Oh Wonder is all about; and coincidentally, most of their music videos do show Anthony and Josephine having one hell of a good time. Their compositions are optimistic, fun, lively, but still graced with the lyrical ingenuity that some people wouldn’t really expect in an upbeat music focused duo.

If you’re in love, having a good day with friends, or you just need something to listen to that tells you to brighten up your day, we suggest you go with “Ultralife”. “Heavy”, “Livewire”, and “My Friends” are some of their other simple, yet artistic masterpieces. And just to answer the obvious question of if Josephine and Anthony are a couple, their simple answer to that repetitive question is: No.

…or are they?

We couldn’t really care less, though. As long as they keep making mind blowing music that reminds us of ice cream.

Twenty One Pilots

bands with mind blowing music

If duos are your thing because it’s always fascinating to find out that there are only two people behind that amazing, seemingly complex composition that you’re listening to, or because the names of the members would be easier to remember, then we’re serving you another, under a genre that’s really hard to define. And we mean it. Their Wikipedia page says that they can fall under eight genres. Eight. That’s like ordering a box of pizza and you get a new and different flavor with every slice. In which case, then damn you, because you should have mercy on the chef that just had to prepare that.

Fronted by Tyler “Blurryface” Joseph and Josh Dun, this bromantic duo produces music that is as unpredictable as their live show antics. They can go from an emotional train wreck with their songs “Truce” and “Anathema”, to a trip down nostalgia lane with “Stressed Out”, right down to bat s*** crazy inducing energy with “Car Radio” and “Trees”. From asking the crowd to literally carry Josh with their bare hands while he’s drumming, to Tyler scaling the scaffolding for the concert lights, their live shows reflects the atmosphere in their songs. Twenty One Pilots’ music traps you in a musically versatile puzzle that will take you to so many directions, to the point that you wouldn’t even want to bother finding your way out.

With their continuous rise to fame, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be hopping on the Twenty One Pilots bandwagon (or should we say, bandplane? No, we shouldn’t). Almost each and every song is their own genre of mind blowing music.


bands with mind blowing music

While the previous bands on this list are already relatively mainstream focus, here comes a band whose potential for taking their stand on the big stage just started blooming.

Formed in March 2014, Lany climbed up the ladder to fame with ease; mostly due to raw talent, easy-on-the-ears melodies with beautifully and creatively written lyrics, and good grooming. Their music is reminiscent of that Maroon Five vibe you felt when you heard “This Love” for the first time. Their songs feels just like that; but with a little less punk and pitch, and a whole lot more beats and battery (for their instruments). They bring electrical music to the table which most people would ignore right off the bat because of its over saturation in today’s music industry, but when you hear “ILYSB (I Love You So Bad)” and “Good Girls”, it’ll take you less than 10 seconds to be convinced that they’re different, and will stay that way.

Its members, Les Priest, Jake Goss, and Paul Klein (good grief, even their names sound sexy) aren’t just pretty faces who learned how to press buttons on a soundboard. LANY will sate your mixed cravings for mind blowing music with The Chainsmokers tune, John Mayer lyrics, and a Maroon Five feel. If “Pink Skies” and “Pancakes” got you hooked, then you’re going to enjoy the rest of their work. From L.A. to New York, LANY will go as far as their eyes can see. As long as their bangs aren’t in the way.

Portugal. The Man

bands with mind blowing music

The last item in any list should be given the “and last but not the least” treatment, but Portugal. The man is having none of that. This world lacks rock bands that sustains its pre 2000s sound, but Portugal. The Man delivers with heart. First of all, if hipster band names aren’t your thing, then we suggest you pipe down and give this American rock band a chance. There will also be some hipster wear and mustache.

Anybody who lived through the 80s and 90s grew up with a love for funky rock that’s best heard live and on the radio, and worst when sung by your friend Greg. That’s what Portugal. The Man’s defining quality is – the fuzz, the bass, the riffs, and the falsetto. It’s like a hipster mix of Franz Ferdinand and Kaiser Chiefs, minus Greg, but essentially, it’s just good ‘ol classic hard rock. The distortion in “Evil Friends” tells you what we’re talking about, and the bass intro of “Feel It Still” made me a fan of the bass guitar, and whoever was the genius behind this simple yet addictive hook. Anybody who has an ear for rock music will grow a third one for this band. Don’t know what that means? Well neither do we. But we grew one anyway.

“Atomic Man” and “People Say” are what reeled most people in, and we know you will be, too. Time to get off that hipster hating bandwagon, because you never know what you might be missing out on – Portugal. The Man might just be the beginning.

Finding new songs and bands in different genres is always a treat for music lovers. And if you’re a lover of mind blowing music who also loves Hip-Hop, Rap, or R&B, then don’t take this list the wrong way – we never said there won’t be a part 2.



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