10 Most Beautiful Girls in Anime You Need To Watch

Most Beautiful Girls in Anime

There are times when people forget that Anime is more than just a cartoon or show genre, and Anime can be considered as art. While its plot and storyline bring direction and meaning to the show, it is virtually impossible to make an Anime without artists who design and draw backgrounds, movement, and most importantly, characters.These characters are painstakingly drawn, colored, and given traits that would make them seem lifelike in order to attract the people who will watch the show. There are many different styles of animation in the industry, but we know that artists try their best in order to make their creations beautiful. It’s no wonder that some fans can get obsessed and even infatuated with some of these ‘2D’ girls they watch.

In celebration of the art that anime is, we’ve decided to find some of the best-drawn anime characters in the industry. And we’ve chosen a specific kind of character that Anime fans get very passionate about. It’s the category of female characters. If you’re new to this whole thing, it’s fairly simple. Given that a great majority of anime fans are male, fans can have very strong feelings towards their favorite female character, or as some people call it, their ‘waifu.’ They go to great lengths in order brag about their favorites. Some fans are even willing to spend a lot of money to collect merchandise of their ‘best girls.’

But tonight, we’re not here to argue about matters of personal tastes. We are here to determine, based purely on a set of guidelines, (art, proportion, look mesh with character, etc.) which female characters are truly the most beautiful!

After many hours of brooding and arguing, here’s our compilation of the 10 most beautiful girls in anime!


  1. Saeko Busujima (High School of the Dead)

Most Beautiful Girls in Anime

Saeko Busujima makes it to the tail end of our list. The High School of the Dead badass is a kendo master and professional zombie dispatcher. However, that doesn’t takeaway from her vulnerable girly side she shows to Takashi from time to time. But what truly makes her shine is her face’s sharp features which her stand out in an anime full of hot women! Her long purple hair and olive skin gives her an exotic feel that goes well with her slender frame packed with surprisingly buxom edges.

While it’s super obvious that she would be called ‘hot,’ it’s also very apparent that beautiful should be a word to describe her. Her close ups not only show a prominent face, it also highlights the marked difference between her and all the other girls who seem to blur into one big likeness when compared to a work of art like her.


  1. Boa Hancock (One Piece)

Most Beautiful Girls in Anime

While a lot of people may be thrown off by the wonky animation of One Piece, sometimes the weirdest things produce something quite stunning. This is exactly the case with Boa Hancock. The unorthodox art style of Once Piece allowed for a female character to be drawn with a seemingly glaring flaw, but that flaw instead gave the character an offbeat beauty that is so very characteristic of One Piece. When you look at all the other characters on this list, you notice that they are drawn with the image of perfection in mind. Yet, Boa is furnished with a high or large forehead.

The ‘Pirate Empress’ uses this as a stylistic point to capture your attention and bring it to her otherwise perfect face. It highlights her strengths bringing more emphasis to the sculpt of her features and the curves of her body. It also elevates her dark flowing locks that seem as venomous as her personality. There’s a reason why she’s considered the most beautiful girl not only throughout the Grand Line but in the whole Once Piece world!


  1. Mari Kurihara (Prison School)

Most Beautiful Girls in Anime

There’s a lot of impressive things to be said about Prison School’s animation. But probably one of their most impressive feats is the character design of the Underground Student Council President’s Mari Kurihara. In anime, a lot of the main character designs leave the impression of nationality much to be desired, unless of course, the characters are set in medieval Japan with very specific grooming traits.

But in a school-set anime, it’s very impressive that Mari’s features are so very East Asian in impression. And not by taking the easy way out and giving the character almond-eyes, they make her look East Asian through specific touches and impressions like their use of eyebrows and hairstyle. They not only make her look the Japanese that she is, they make her look like a very stunning one at that!


  1. Chitoge Kirisaki (Nisekoi)

These next three characters are going to have quite some similarities in their blonde hair, their wide-eyed demeanors, and bright personalities. These characters represent the best of what we’d like to call the ‘sunshine girls’ who give off as much warmth and energy as the sun while attracting your attention because of their glow. While it may seem over the top to have three sunshine girls in the list, we feel like it’s justified given how much of a success these characters can have in putting other characters behind their shadows. As they say, when you look into the light, you’re like a moth attracted to the flame, there’s no looking back.

Most Beautiful Girls in Anime

The first one to come out of the list is none other than Chitoge Kirisaki. While a lot of people might not like this pick, maybe out of spite because they’re team Onodera or maybe because of the anti-circle jerk against Nisekoi, you still have to give it to the artists behind Nisekoi for expanding a lot of effort to make Chitoge shine in the series. While the first season was nothing really special, the second season of Nisekoi took its visual style up a notch and elevated the girl known to be a Gorilla among the most beautiful girls in the industry.

Not only are her close-ups super pretty. Her feelings are translated into those large expressive eyes of hers whether they may be the infatuation hidden in her heart or the violent façade she tries to hold on to! And while some may feel that lacking a prominent nose may be a cop out, her other features from her eyebrows to her mouth are all used perfectly to synergize a facial unit that not only shines but makes you feel some kind of way when stared at.


  1. Kaori Miyazono (Your Lie In April)

Most Beautiful Girls in Anime

Yup, Kaori Miyazono is our second sunshine girl for this list. When you think of Kaori it’s super hard not to consider ‘sunshine’ as an adjective to describe her! While this ball of bright energy can be as intense as Chitoge. What brings her on another level is the fragileness she adds to her bright beauty. There’s a touch of humanity, a trace of melancholy to her beauty that just pulls at your heartstrings.

And while this might just be plain bias we’re talking about because we’ve seen the show, it still is so captivating. Her charm lies from the fragile aura emanating from her that juxtaposes with her very lively and doe-eyed features that she’s set with. It’s as if she’s a spark, a fleeting ray of light that momentarily blinds then is gone in an instant.


  1. Chihaya Ayase (Chihayafuru)

Most Beautiful Girls in Anime

If you’re gonna ask what separates Chihaya Ayase from Chitoge or even Kaori, it would have to be her single-minded purity that emphasizes her attractiveness. While Chitoge’s beauty can seem cute when confused and unsure at times, or Kaori’s beauty seem fleeting and a little softer than usual, Chihaya’s is unmatched in will power. Her eyes are blazing balls of fire that scream passion and an intense drive for success.

While the other two sunshine girls are more focused on romance, Chihaya barely has time for that, she is most beautiful when she is playing Karuta. Her big golden eyes swallow you in the joy of love for something bigger than herself. Watching her is like seeing the beauty of life fight for its purpose. It’s impossible not to get swept up by her!


  1. Yuzuriha Inori (Guilty Crown)

Most Beautiful Girls in Anime

The strength of Yuzuriha Inori lies in her animation. Guilty Crown is probably one of the most visually gorgeous anime to have come out in the last few years and she benefits from it as its most intricate character. The show’s stunning beauty is perfectly encapsulated by Inori.

From her perfectly angled face, to the to thin yet crisp features, there’s nothing that you can gripe about in this character’s design.


  1. Reina Kousaka (Hibike! Euphonium)

Now we’re going into the championship territory. Welcome to the top 3. This where we really had a hard to figuring out which tops which. All these three girls offer the best the anime has to offer. The leads they got over each other are so minimal that each one here could have easily gotten the top spot. Now let’s meet these three girls.

Most Beautiful Girls in Anime

Coming in third place is Reina Kousaka. Arguably the star of Hibike Euphonium, there’s a reason why the show has almost a cult following. Aside from being one the most beautifully animated shows, there’s something plain captivating about the show’s characters. Reina Kousaka is the perfect character the show has produced, and definitely the most captivating one. She’s such a breath-taking animated girl.

Her intense purple eyes designed to convey a certain aloofness and coldness that masks the personality of a girl wanting to connect deep inside. The dark hair perfectly supplements this to complete her seemingly cold demeanor. But the moment when she expresses herself and gives us a glimpse into who she truly is, that moment is just stunning. Her turnaround is mind blowing. It takes one’s breath away!


  1. Hitagi Senjougahara (Bakemonogatari)

Most Beautiful Girls in Anime

You’re probably angry with me. Yup, I know. If you’re a Gahara fan then you’re angry that she’s not number one, if you’re not a Gahara fan then you’re mad that she made it this high. With the main girl of the Monogatari series it’s usually either love or hate, there’s no in between. That’s exactly how she made it this far in the list. There’s nothing like a polarizing character to tell you there’s something special about her.

Blessed with the Monogatari series’ unusual art style, Hitagi enjoys one of the most iconic looks in all of anime. Her purple hair, her snow white skin, and those nostrils, they can be recognized anywhere. She’s cunning, manipulative, dangerous, but also just a girl hopelessly in love. Her usually haughty face mixed with the eye for detail of the show focusing on specific facial features highlight an already strong and beautiful anime character into one that just stands out from all the rest.


  1. Isuzu Sento (Amagi Brilliant Park)

Most Beautiful Girls in Anime

If there’s ever been a perfect girl in all of Anime, it has to be Isuzu Sento. She’s not only equipped with the picturesque anime face, she’s also endowed with the perfect body. There’s not one flaw in this character from head to toe. She’s the embodiment of art perfected.

If you look at the body proportions in this girl, it’s super on point. A lot of our gripe in anime is when the girls look very exaggerated. Either their frame is too small, or they look like teens when they should be adults, or their boobs are too big for their body. It usually just takes one thing to get the entirety skewed and out of proportion. But this isn’t the case at all for her. Sento is no girl, she’s a woman in a woman’s body. She’s beautiful because the artists didn’t need to pander to a specific fetish that some fans have. She’s the anime woman, drawn with the perfect woman in mind. There’s no argument here. Isuzu Sento is on top, and she’s here to stay.


How do you like our list? Comment below which girls should have made it to the list!

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